7th January 2013 Happenings at Gwithian

I say happenings because there were at least 2 of everything :) 2 Windsurfers, 2 Kitesurfers, 2 Stand Up paddle Boarders and a few surfers, and for an hour we had good sunshine and waves, albeit that the cold wind was still there…



Ian Black pulling off some nice floaters

Andy Fawcett tearing the waves up

Ross whacking it off the lip


It wasn’t long before that thick heavy cloud that had been hanging over Penzance and Hayle slid its way across the sky to envelope the Sun that shone on us at Gwithian… The choice was to move up the coast and try and stay ahead of the cloud but a quick time check told me there’s be no real point as the light would be dropping off in the next 30-40 minutes anyhow.. so I finished up and took Jasmyn to the park for the last hour of daylight .


You can find all the images in their seperate Galleries on the website at http://splashography.com/Gallery13/main.php  enjoy the images .. catch ya soon


5th January 2013 Surfing Porthmeor

Perfect day for Good surf and Sunshine prevailed as we headed into St Ives and pulled up on the front of Porthmeor…
No time to lose I grabbed some camera’s and headed down onto the beach and set up Mid beach to capture both ends.
There was some amazing surfing going on albeit it got a bit closey at low tide, for those who made it into the pits there were some amazing barrels to be had like this one..05-01-13_NIK0160

It’s more difficult these days being a dad all over again so I only had a couple of hours to grab over 300 images to sift through last night.. and the results are in the gallery – Please Click the Link below :-

Porthmeor Surfing gallery

Another Amazing Barrel from Yesterday

Hope ya enjoy the images  ..Mel..

4th January Surfing Gwithian

A bit overcast and Mizzly today but some good surf rolling into Godrevy and Gwithian.
Wasn’t sure what i’d find or even if it would be worthwhile shooting in this poor light but we headed up to Gwithian and found quite a few out enjoying the waves…
As it turned out the only bad thing about today was the poor light which made capturing the fast action damn near impossible, but I upped the ISO and risked the heavy grain noise and took what I could…
The nice thing was it was low tide too which meant my little Jasmyn could enjoy running around free on the beach while i worked :)

It was Berts time today to shine whacking a lovely air off the end of a good ride so we jumped on that one for our pick of the day….
The rest of the images are in the Gallery on the website so please go along and take a look.
http://splashography.com/Gallery13/main.php?g2_itemId=640 – Gwithian Gallery



Surfing Perranuthnoe

Great Start to the year with some South Coast Surf pumping in.
We headed over to Perranuthnoe figuring it would probably be the quietest spot… NOT SO the place was rammed with people, fortunately we got straight into the car park and i wandered off down the beach to check iy out..
It was fairly good surf but the sun was directly out front causing an awful lot of glare, but nontheless it was the first day of 2013 and here we were with surf and a touch of sun..0101-12
Matt hanley throwing the fins out for a new year at Perranuthnoe

Check out the images in the Perranuthnoe gallery from the link Below :-




Can’t be bad eh? ..Mel..


Welcome to the all new Splash Blog for 2013, been a good start to the year so far with a bit of surf and even some sunshine to go with it :) Lets hope its gonna be a bumper year with a real summer just like we used to have..

Enjoy the posts and please leave us your comments :)